リストの画像SAKURA WHITE ~ 桜純白 ~


An all-in-one gel popular with women in their 20s and 40s
Care for your skin with 5 elements
❀ face lotion ❀milk lotion ❀Beauty Solution ❀ Makeup Base ❀ Pack ❀

Horse placenta
Horse placenta is expensive because it cannot be mass produced.
Because it contains 300 times more amino acids than other placentas.
Attention is rising.

Mixed with yeast extract
Contains extracts that have moisturizing, cell-activating and whitening effects

Collagen formulation
Excellent moisturizing, smoothens the texture of the skin and makes the skin firm!

the action of suppressing the harmful effects of oxygen
It has antioxidant effect.

Coenzyme Q10
By removing active oxygen, which is a factor of aging, cells and
Ingredients that protect tissue and prevent aging

Horse oil
It has a property similar to that of skin oil.
It penetrates into the stratum corneum deep inside the skin and trims from the inside of the skin,
It has barrier function and water retention capacity.


Contains vitamin E grains
You can feel the grains containing vitamins that help prevent aging.
supplement 60Days
3 packs


DHC Vitamin C Supplement 60 Days 120 tablets

[Ingredients] Vitamin C, gelatin, coloring (caramel, titanium dioxide), vitamin B2

[Net Weight] 104.6 g [weight per capsule 578 mg (weight without capsule 501 mg) x 120 capsules]

[Direct for using] Recommended to take twice daily, one in the morning and one at night.
Morihan Organic Uji Green Tea Powder (30 g)
リストの画像Morihan green tea is a high grade Japanese organic green tea that it had certified by JAS standards and ecologically grown and harvested in Uji, Kyoto prefecture.

Japanese green tea powder is considered a superfood since contains more antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients than regular tea.

This green tea is suitable for Japanese tea ceremony, confectionery and preparation of cold or hot mixed drinks.

¥800.00 JPY
Pilot FriXion Erasable Color Highlighter Pen 12 Colors set
リストの画像¥1,120.00 JPY

FriXion color highlighter pen able to disappear when you rub it.
12 Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Red, Pink, Soft Green, Baby Pink, Orange
[Specifications] 0.02 inch (0.6 mm) (Medium Point), Cap Type, Resin
(Single Size) Maximum Diameter 0.5 x Total Length 5.7 inches (13.7 x 146 mm); Weight: 0.3 oz (8.4 g).

Frixion erasable pens 10 pieces set
リストの画像¥2,150.00 JPY

Product details:

FriXion Pen, Erasable by Scraping.
[Features] Rub the ink is transparent; No eraser even when rubbed. Write and erase.
10 Colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Black Blue, Black.
Specifications: Clip slide knock type / Resin + Rubber. Refill no: LFBKRF30EF, LFBKRF12EF
Single item size: Maximum diameter 0.4 x total length 5.7 inches (11.1 x 146 mm); Weight: 0.4 oz (11.8 g).